The following courses are for entry into the University of Guyana:

  1. Diploma in Youth in Development
  2. Industrial Relations & Management
  3. Early Childhood Education I & II
  4. English III
  5. Introduction to Developmental Psychology
  6. Language & Communication
  7. Workplace Health & Safety Certificate
  8. Diploma - Administrative Professional Secretaries
  9. Pre-University English and
  10. Pre-University Mathematics via Distance

Students desirous of using these Certificates for entry into the University must ensure that they have other entry requirements as specified by the University for admission to the Institution.


After selecting the course(s) you MUST:

  1. complete the registration form
  2. present two passport size photographs
  3. pay the required fees for tuition and membership of the Students' Society.

Registration Is Only Complete upon the full Payment of Fees

On completion of registration, process students will be issued with a student identification/registration card. They are expected to have the card in their possession at all times when attending classes or when writing an examination.

Tuition Fees and Refunds

The following fees must be paid:-

  • Tuition Fees
  • Students' Council Fees

Tuition fees for all programmes are due and payable at the time of registration.

The following regulations govern the refund of fees:

  1. 75% of the tuition fees will be refunded if a student withdraws in writing from a course within one (1) month of the commencement of the Course. The Institute's receipt must be submitted with the request.
  2. 100% refund will be made if the Institute cancels a course/programme.
  3. NO refund will be made if a student transfers from a high cost course/programme to a course/programme which costs less.
  4. If he/she begins to attend a course and subsequently decides to withdraw (for whatever reason) NO refund will be allowed.
  5. NO fees can be transferred from one Programme/Course to another


Students must be properly registered before they can be permitted to attend I.D,C.E. classes. If their attendance is less than 25%, they may not be permitted to write the final examination.

Course Transfers

Provisions are made for students to transfer from one course to another, provided the request is made in writing to the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education Offices within twenty-eight (28)days from the commencement of the course. They may, however, be required to meet the necessary financial obligations.

Aegrotat Consideration

If students are prevented from writing examinations due to severe illness or other extenuating circumstance, they may appeal for aegrotat consideration or permission to write Supplemental Examinations. To be eligible for aegrotat consideration a student must have completed the year's work and obtained a satisfactory course-work grade (at least C) in the Course. Petitions for aegrotat consideration must be made within fourteen (14) days of the date of the examination. A Medical Certificate must accompany petitions for aegrotat consideration on grounds of severe illness. Aegrotat consideration will be given on only one occasion.


A: Consistently distinguished performance in assignments and Examination (75to 100%).

B: Above average performance, with the student exhibiting consistent mastery of the subject material (65 to 74.9%).

C: Average performance, with the student indicating efficient knowledge of the subject (55 to 64.9%).

D: Minimum PASS. Students would need additional preparation if there is a desire to go further in the subject (45 to below 54.9%).

F: This is awarded to students who have not met the requirements of the course, either because they have failed the final examination, or because their average in Course Work and the Final Examination is below 45%.

Official Transcript

An official transcript is a detailed copy of a student's record signed by the Director. Special request forms are available from the Office of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education Office, Queen's College Compound, Georgetown. A student can only request a transcript. The original transcript will not be given to the student, but will be sent to the Institution or Agency indicated on the form-(local/overseas). Letters of Participation must also be requested on a Special Request Form. In either case, if a request is made for an additional copy the fees will be:

Official Transcript - G$5,000 or US$25 - requested internally (the person comes into one of our offices and makes the request)

                                   - G$15,000 or US$75 - requested externally, via email, telephone etc.

Original transcript - G$2,000
Overseas - US$10



Transcript Letter - G$1,000
Letter of Participation - G$500
Letter of Certification - G$1,000
Additional copy requested of the same form - G$500

Quotation - G$500