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The Institute offers various evening courses as well as special programmes. Courses are being offered in the evenings as follows:-

One-semester courses of 15-20 weeks duration, offered twice per year.

*September to February *March to July.

One year courses of thirty weeks duration

*September to June

Classes meet twice weekly

*Mondays & Wednesdays or *Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays

Forms Of Assessment

Feedback is a crucial aspect of teaching-learning relationship. While traditionally the formal written examination is the most common form of assessment, selection of the appropriate form for courses in continuing education should depend on the objective to be achieved.It should be noted that the courses offered by the IDCE are designed to attract out-of- school youths and adults at varying educational levels and with different educational needs. These factors will be taken into account in the choice of the form of assessment. Students are expected to discuss with their tutors, early in the course, the form of assessment that will be used.

Assessment By Formal Examinations

To be eligible to write an Examination a student must have completed the requirements of the course during the year. The student must present his/her Student Identification Card and Examination Slip to be allowed to enter the Examination Room. In order to obtain a pass in a subject, a student must successfully complete both the Course Work and the Written Examination. If he/she fails the Course Work he/she will not be permitted to write the Final Examination in that Course. Supplemental Examinations will be allowed in certain cases within one month of the release of the results.


If a student is taking a subject/course only for interest and do not wish to write the Final Examination, please indicate this in writing at the beginning of the Course. In such a case he/she will not receive a Certificate or Transcript. The student may however, request a Letter of Participation.


If a student fails three (3) or more courses on the Industrial Relations and Management (IRM) and Administrative Professional Secretaries (APS) programmes he/she will have to repeat the entire programme.


Regular attendance at classes is important, so students should ensure that their presence is recorded each time they attend. A student's name and receipt number must be included in the Tutor's Register at the beginning of the programme. So students must show their receipts to the tutors when they enter the class on the first occasion. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to enter the class if his/her financial obligations have not been finalized.


Upon successful completion of your course of study, you will be notified of the date of graduation through the mail. If you are not successful, then you should contact the Office. Please remember that you will not be able to graduate or receive a transcript until all fees are paid in full. WHATEVER THE MIND OF MAN CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE HE CAN ACHIEVE.

Have a successful year! Reach for the stars!